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Web Development @ WebWay Nepal !

WebWay Nepal as a Web Development Company

WebWay Nepal offers complete Web development solutions, from the brochure-style presence for small business to large database driven Web sites for the corporate endeavor.

Because every site has its own needs, working with different clients means using a variety of different solutions when developing any project.

Whatever your project requires, WebWay Nepal has the tools and resources to ensure that your goals are not only met, but exceeded without compromise.

We sit down with you to outline your project from start to completion. We take time to learn and understand your needs and give you advice how to be successful in this medium. Our team can develop web sites that are fully tailored to meet your criteria. You can cut maintenance cost by administering your website with the help of our content management system. Yes, a properly designed website enables you to feed your web pages with fresh content without the assistance of a skilled webmaster.

Our design is visually attractive and clean with easy-to-use and powerful web interface. All page elements are optimized for fast download and superior performance that meets the requirements of those with dial-up internet connection.

Search Engine Optimization is also an important part of our projects. Web development means creative content, eye-pleasing design, performance tuning, keyword search and proper page composition. These are the central aspects of a well-structured web site.

If you plan to start an e-business you are at the right place. Let us code, design and deploy the online extension of your business. If there's a challenge, we can build a solution.

You just dream, we code it !

We offer the following Web Development Plans :

Static Web Design
Static design is a great starter package for businesses or individuals just wanting to post simple information about themselves or their company onto the web.

Static websites are typically called online replicas of print brochures of a company. A vast majority of corporate websites fall in this category. Typically, such websites are used to provide information about the company, its products and its contact details. At its minimum, there would be:
  1. a Home page : which gives a snapshot of what the company is all about and what visitors can expect to find on its website.
  2. a 'Contact Us' page: that provides the street address, phone, fax and email of the company. It may also have a country or city wise list of the firm's offices or agents/ distributors.
  3. an 'About Us' page: This webpage typically gives the 'Company Profile'.
  4. 'Products / Services' page: talks about the products offered and the services provided by the company. The details of individual products or services are generally given on separate web pages with links provided from the 'Products' page.
Very often, a brochure site also an Inquiry Form which asks the users to provide specific information in a particular format. An Inquiry form is particularly useful when you want potential customers to provide details about their specific requirements, production processes (in which your products would be used).

For designing such a brochure website, you can send us your print catalog and we will create, design and develop your website accordingly.
Dynamic Web Design
By building a database engine into a web site, customers can use advanced techniques such as database searches to find the product they are looking for. All the pages are generated "on the fly" and are dependent on what data is already in the database. A fully web based control panel is included to allow our clients to tinker with the database and its structure.

Our dynamic web design plan is useful for easily updatable database linked catalogue, newsletter, log-in/password protected service.

In this plan we can do...
Build On-line catalogues (With form based easy updation)  
Automate newsletters  
Log-in password protect pages  
Easy update facilities for administrators
Web based forms and questionnaires  
Local site search  
Web based messaging  
On-line events calendar  
On-line magazine  

Looking for features other than those mentioned above, mail us your requirements.

E-commerce Web Design
Looking for an affordable custom designed shopping cart for your website? Look no further. At WebWay Nepal, we create custom designed ecommerce sites with very easy to use, intuitive admin panels, so that you can easily manage your website on your own.

This great plan gives you all the benefit of doing business online. You can start accepting Credit Cards (Master Cart, Visa Card etc.) and other methods of payment online. You can store, process and exchange sensitive information in a secure encrypted environment on your website.


Request for Web Development Plan !

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